About us...

Debian / HordeHorde is a web application Framework written in PHP with modules like IMP (webmail), Turba (contacts), Kronolith (calendar), Nag (task list), Gollem (file manager), etc. Debian is a free operating system, developed by more than a thousand volunteers from all over the world who collaborate via the Internet. And pkg-horde is a team to provide high-quality Debian packages for Horde. We use public Git repositories and communicate mainly with a mailing list.


We really, really want to avoid the situation where packages are maintained by an egalitarian team where everybody is responsible of everything and thus everybody relies on the others to do the job and thus nothing happens. So we want every package to have one "real" maintainer who feels responsible for it; the others in the team can help out and do uploads.

That "real" maintainer is by convention the first one listed in the "Uploaders:" line of his packages. The other members of the team come after. The "Maintainer:" line is Horde Maintainers <pkg-horde-hackers@lists.alioth.debian.org>.

Our Git repositories

The full sources to all our packages are in our Git repositories. We maintain an upstream-sid branch for the upstream code, one debian-sid branch for the Debian packaging work (which branches off the upstream-sid branch) and - if any stable update is done - a debian-releasename branch for stable updates.